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 [Denied]mage lvl 60 wanna join

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Forum n00b
Forum n00b

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PostSubject: [Denied]mage lvl 60 wanna join   Sun Nov 05, 2006 1:36 pm

1. Ingame Name:Gnomexx

2. Lvl, race and class:lvl 60,gnome,mage

3. Past Guilds:RDOW

4. Reason for leaving:what more raiding. i want to raid more and get som gear

5. Equipment - An updated CTProfile/Alla profile required (FR and NR gear also):http://ctprofiles.net/3925573 have som new pvp damage gear in next week. have 80 fire ress and 40 NR (want more, can get more)

6. What experience do you have in raids?: in MC and ZG

7: What keys/attunements do you have? :in MC and ONYXIA havend done BWL yet

8: How can you contribute to Fluffy Pirates?: dont know helping in raids and stuff Wink

9: What do you expect to gain from Fluffy Pirates?: nice good gear and a smile on my face lol!

10: Between which times can u be online everyday and what days cant you be online?: im online most of the days from 15:00 - like 17:00 but on raid days more

11: Do you have any problems following orders?: nopp i dont thing soon not in my last guilds

12: What's your talentbuild and are you willing to respecc if needed?: im fire arcane now for pvp but i can be frost if needed

13: Do you have Ventrilo/Teamspeak installed and are you prepared to use it?: jepp

14: Do you have a microphone?: jepp

15: How old are you?: 14

16: What country do you live in:sweden

17: Tell us about yourself... my name is michael im from sweden and my hobbys is wow and badminton. im 14 years old. bounce Very Happy

bye hopp to see you soon
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PostSubject: Re: [Denied]mage lvl 60 wanna join   Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:40 pm

Hello Gnomexx

Nice to see that you find our Forum

Im sry but we are full on mages Sad

Good luck to finding a new guild! Smile

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[Denied]mage lvl 60 wanna join
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