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 [Accpet]Roguie wants to join !

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Forum n00b
Forum n00b

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PostSubject: [Accpet]Roguie wants to join !   Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:38 pm

1. Ingame Name: Demonixer

2. Lvl, race and class: Level 60 Human rogue.

3. Past Guilds:The Rohirrim

4. Reason for leaving: Just social guild, dident raid

5. Equipment - An updated CTProfile/Alla profile required (FR and NR gear also): http://ctprofiles.net/4338454 better gear inc, just been lvl 60, 2 weeks so =)

6. What experience do you have in raids?:ZG/AQ20/UBRS

7: What keys/attunements do you have? :MC/BWL Onyxia soon done

8: How can you contribute to Fluffy Pirates?: A nice and freindly raiding companion =)

9: What do you expect to gain from Fluffy Pirates?: A nice time, with lots of raiding ^^

10: Between which times can u be online everyday and what days cant you be online?: Im almost online all the time and every day =)

11: Do you have any problems following orders?: No

12: What's your talentbuild and are you willing to respecc if needed?:
4/16/31 and yes ofc

13: Do you have Ventrilo/Teamspeak installed and are you prepared to use it?: Yes

14: Do you have a microphone?: Yes

15: How old are you?:19 in Januari

16: What country do you live in:Sweden

17: Tell us about yourself...

The name is Jonas, Live in a small town i sweden,
Atm im looking for a job so i think i have to much sparetime,
so there is alot wow playing =)
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[Accpet]Roguie wants to join !
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